For the past 25 years, appropriation and mimesis artist Timothy Buckwalter has been remixing found imagery to produce works that explore how images and ideals from the past are still present and active today.

Originally from Pennsylvania, Timothy Buckwalter (born 1966) now lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. He graduated with honors from Philadelphia’s Tyler School of Art in 1988.

As a teenager growing up near Philadelphia in the early '80s, he discovered hip hop and post-punk. Buckwalter spent his adolescence getting paid to dj parties and finish his friend's high school art assignments.

While in art school he was in an incredibly unpopular noise band, and co-organized with Robert Curcio (of Pulse Art Fair fame) their college's first performance art events. After a brief stint answering phone queries and responding to complaints about art at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, he sold his record collection and moved to California.

In 2006, after a conversation with Dan Golden about alternatives to the gallery system, Timothy spent the bulk of the year making more than 700 drawings, selling them online through a hugely-popular curated weekly exhibition.

His paintings are in numerous corporate collections as well as the holdings of the Oakland Museum of California. Over the last decade, Buckwalter has organized exhibitions online – including Eyebeam’s Add-Art project and SFMOMA's OpenSpace – as well as in the physical world. He is currently the gallery director of NIAD Art Center, a studio arts program that is redefining contemporary art by assisting artists with disabilities. 

He is married to author and journalist Nell Bernstein.

contact: timothybuckwalteratgmaildotcom


Solo Exhibitions

2017 Still Ill Denison University Newark Ohio

2016 Tim Buckwalter with The Archive Project Organized by Lacey Haslam, Wave Pool Cincinnati Ohio

2013 Wandering Phantoms Living And Thought Dead Organized by James Lansing, Keystone College La Plume Pennsylvania

2011 Everybody's Happy Nowadays Mina Dresden Gallery, San Francisco California

2008 Intervention Pharmaka Gallery, Los Angeles California

2006 Correspondences Rebecca Ibel Gallery, Columbus Ohio

2001 Paintings and Objects Rebecca Ibel Gallery, Columbus Ohio

2000 He'd Give Anything To Be Frozen In The Moment Forever With Her Rebecca Ibel Gallery, Columbus Ohio

2000 Timothy Buckwalter With Hilary Harkness Lizabeth Oliveria Gallery, Oakland California

1998 Get Away From Me Four Walls, San Francisco California

1997 Don't Make It Necessary For Us To Force You Braunstein/Quay Gallery, San Francisco California

1996 Calm, Cool And Collected Four Walls, San Francisco California


Group Exhibitions

2017 With Liberty And Justice For Some, Organized by Walter Maciel Berkeley Art Center

Fiction v. 2, Organized by Jeffrey Cortland Jones London, Hamburg, etc

2014 Good Mail Day, Organized by Lisa Solomon Artstream Dover New Hampshire

2006 Catch 22 Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland California

2004 Springtime Rebecca Ibel Gallery, Columbus Ohio

2003 Shift Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland Oregon

2001 Whimsy Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland Oregon

2000 Where Are All The People De Chiara Stewart Gallery, New York New York

1995 Snickerdoodle Southern Exposure, San Francisco California

1994 Prehistoric Organized by Glen Helfand Victoria Room, San Francisco California

1994 Ironic Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco California

1990 The Other Vox Populi, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

1988 Pairs Momenta Art Gallery, Philadelphia Pennsylvania



2014 Archive Project Block Gallery, Oakland California

2012 Crystal Days (with artists Mike Macfeat and Douglas Witmer) Sugar, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

2011 Frederick Barthelme's Blip Magazine Special issue organized by Courtney Eldridge

2010 Flowers In The Dustbin Organized by Jeffrey Cortland Jones No Future Projects, Dayton Ohio

2010 Imitation Of Life Organized by Douglas Witmer Green Line Cafe, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

2010 Well, I Wish For Once, You Would Just Stop Coping Factory Outliet Gallery Moukelemne Hill, California

2009 Mixed Metaphors and Obsessive Compulsive Behavior Michael Rosenthal Gallery, San Francisco California

2009 Hills Like White Elephants Organized by Michael Zahn Bar Olivino, Brooklyn New York

2008 We Are California Oakland Art Gallery, Oakland California

2007 Non Sequitur Organized by Sacha Eckes Ritual Roasters, San Francisco California



2017 Affinity Museum of Northern California Art, Chico California

2012 Under The Big Black Sun Saccades Project, Los Angeles California

2011 All In The Family Green Line Cafe, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

2011 Life Of The World To Come: Twist And Crawl NIAD Art Center, Richmond California

2011 Life Of The World To Come: Darkness Falls Upon Us NIAD Art Center, Richmond California

2011 Life Of The World To Come: Chase The Tear NIAD Art Center, Richmond California

2010 Giveaway Oblidi, Berkeley California

2010 Rare And Unreleased NIAD Art Center, Richmond California

2009 Come Tomorrow: 25 Years Of NIAD Eyebeam Art's Add-Art, New York New York

2009 Feeling Yourself Disintergrate SFMOMA's Open Space, San Francisco California

2009 My Certain Fate Pharmaka Gallery, Los Angeles California

2007 Killing Moon The Beholder, San Francisco California



2016 Art Talks Again (with Gina Borg)

2011 Gallery Crawl (with Mark Taylor)

Catalog Essays

2012 Bar Sinister Michael Macfeat exhibition TSA, Philadelphia Pennsylvania



2010 I'm So Lonely Emily Hope Price